YTMTOOLS Diameter Reducing Machine for sale
  • This machine belongs to the processing equipment without cutting. It uses hydraulic technology to put round steel and screw thread steel and other needs to necking part into special mold for molding shrink, density of necking part can be greatly improved, thereby enhancing the tensile strength of the material. It could solve reduced tensile strength and impact toughness due to the lathe peeling. This machine has the advantages of fast processing speed, accurate size. It is the ideal equipment  of processing mine anchor and anchor bolt.
  • Efficiency: 5-10 workpieces can be compressed per minute
  • The work efficiency is 5-10 times higher than that of the lathe peeling
  • After compression, the workpiece diameter error, roundness error and taper error are not greater than 0.03mm
  • After extrusion, the workpiece can be extended by 10%-15%
SJ-32 Diameter Reducing Machine
SJ-32 Diameter Reducing Machine
Shrinkage range:Φ12-Φ30mm
Shrinkage length:10-250mm
Shrinkage amplitude:2
Hydraulic motor:11kw
Fuselage size:1800x900x1150mm
Contractile extension length:10%-15%
32 Diameter Reducing Machine Main features : 
  • The processing speed is fast and the size is accurate
SJ-42 Diameter Reducing Machine
SJ-42 Diameter Reducing Machine
Shrinkage range:Φ12-Φ42mm
Shrinkage length:10-300mm
Shrinkage amplitude:≤2
Hydraulic motor:18.5kw
Fuselage size:2000x800x1600mm
Contractile extension length:10%-15%
42 Diameter Reducing Machine Main features : 
  • The processing speed is fast and the size is accurate
SJ-50 Diameter Reducing Machine
SJ-50 Diameter Reducing Machine
Shrinkage range:Φ12-Φ50mm
Shrinkage length:10-400mm
Shrinkage amplitude:≤2
Hydraulic motor:22kw
Fuselage size:2500x900x1600mm
Contractile extension length:10%-15%
50 Diameter Reducing Machine Main features : 
  • The processing speed is fast and the size is accurate
SJ-65 Diameter Reducing Machine
SJ-65 Diameter Reducing Machine
Shrinkage range:Φ12-Φ64mm
Shrinkage length:10-450mm
Shrinkage amplitude:≤2
Hydraulic motor:30kw
Fuselage size:2900x1500x1750mm
Contractile extension length:10%-15%
65 Diameter Reducing Machine Main features :
  • The processing speed is fast and the size is accurate
Pre-sale Service 
1.Supply item design,process design. 
2.Help you to chose the fitest machine. 
3.Making the machine according to your requirement. 

Sale Service 
1.Acceptance equipment together with you . 
2.Help you to make the method statement and the details of the process. 

After Service 
1.Guarantee for a year. 
2.Quality problem,we will sent you the accessories. 
3.Free repair whole using life(without the freight and accessories charge. 
4.Send you the easy broken part of rebar stirrup bending machine for free.

Are you a factory? 
    Yes, we are. And we sincerely welcome to visit out factory at any time. 

Do you have stock? 
    Yes, within 3 days the machine willl be delivered if you have no special need. But because of the air pollution problem. You need to make a decision as soon as possible. In case of the price of raw material is uping. 

Is the machine easy to operate? 
    Yes, it is easy. Besides I will send videos to you, and let our engineer come to your country to help you if necessary 

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