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YGMTOOLS Heavy-duty horizontal lathe machines
YGMTOOLS Heavy-duty horizontal lathe machines, Suitable for processing large and heavy workpieces. Such as shaft parts, large wheel hubs, Ship parts, steel and cast iron cutting, etc.. The specifications of the Heavy-duty horizontal lathe machines can be customized.
Why choose YMGTOOLS Heavy-Duty Horizontal Lathes
1. Sturdy construction for heavy-duty applications;
2. Precision engineering for superior quality;
3. Tailored configurations for specific needs;
4. Versatile material handling capabilities;
5. Comprehensive training programs;
6. Exclusive shape design patent, factory direct shipment.
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Our universal metal horizontal engine lathe machines is suitable for all kinds of turning work, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, other turning surface, end face, but also processing a variety commonly used threads---such as metric, inch, module and diameter pitch thread and drilling, tapping, boring holes, teaming holes and machining noncircular curved surfaces and so on.

1. The lathe machine can be processed steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other materials.

2.  Our casting is of top quality,our foundry is also supplier of Japan and Germany famous

brand company.

3.  The guiderail is quenched with high frequency and its hardness is more than HRC52

which will make higher abrasive resistance and higher precision and longer life!

4. The Spindle with three support structure, high rigidity, high precision, can be strong cutting. Spindle through the hole for the 105mm large hole, 18 wide speed range, you can choose a more reasonable speed.

5. The most we are the manufacturer of lathe machines, not trading company, we can give you factory direct price, no middle company add the price, so you can receive the lowest price from us.


E-mail: ygmtools94@gmail.com     WhatsApp: 86-13223286372
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Large workpiece processing

1. Shipbuilding: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes are used to process large hull parts, such as ship keels, masts, propeller shafts, etc.
2. Wind turbine manufacturing: Used to manufacture main components of large wind turbines, such as generator shafts, generator bases, etc.
3. Energy equipment manufacturing: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes are used to manufacture parts for large oil and gas equipment, such as drilling platform components, pump bodies, etc.
4. Mechanical engineering manufacturing: Used for processing key components of large mechanical equipment, such as spindles, rollers, etc. of engineering machinery.
5. Aerospace parts manufacturing: It is suitable for processing large parts such as aero engine parts and aircraft landing gear.
6. Railway vehicle manufacturing: Used for processing large structural parts of railway vehicles such as trains and high-speed rails, such as wheels, frames, etc.
7. Automobile manufacturing: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes can be used to process large parts such as automobile engine parts and wheel axles.
8. Nuclear industry equipment manufacturing: It is suitable for processing large parts such as nuclear reactor vessels and main equipment of nuclear power plants.
9. Heavy machine tool manufacturing: Used to manufacture other types of heavy machine tools, such as large CNC milling machines, large CNC grinders, etc.
10. Large mold manufacturing: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes can be used to process large molds, such as automobile body molds, aerospace parts molds, etc.

Steel and cast iron processing

1. Processing of large shaft parts: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes are suitable for processing large shaft parts, such as mechanical transmission shafts, wind turbine spindles, etc.
2. Processing of heavy cast iron parts: Used for processing large and heavy cast iron parts, such as cast iron machine tool beds, industrial equipment bases, etc.
3. Wheel processing: Suitable for processing large wheels, such as train wheels, heavy truck wheels, etc.
4. Large gear processing: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes are used to process large gears, such as those used for transmission in the steel industry.
5. Large mold processing: Used for processing large molds, such as stamping molds, casting molds, etc.
6. Bridge structure parts processing: Suitable for processing large parts in bridge structures, such as bridge supports, connectors, etc.
7. Processing of large forgings: Heavy-duty horizontal lathes can be used to process large forgings, such as forged crankshafts, forged transmission shafts, etc.
8. Ship parts processing: Used to process large structural parts of ships, such as parts of ship propulsion systems.
9. Processing of structural parts in construction projects: Suitable for processing large structural parts in construction projects, such as large beams, columns, etc.
10. Mining equipment parts processing: Used for processing large parts of mining equipment, such as rollers, brackets, etc. for mining conveying equipment.
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YGMTOOLS has many international quality certifications, such as CE, ISO9001, GB/T19001, etc. 
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