YGMTOOLS CNC Lathe Machines (High Precision)
CNC lathe, also known as CNC turning center, can perform automated cutting and processing operations through pre-programmed instructions, and can process outer circles, inner holes, threads, etc.
Main Feature
1. Computer Numerical Control: CNC lathes control the movement of tools and workpieces through pre-written programs to automate the cutting process.
2. Multi-axis movement: CNC lathes usually have multiple controllable axes, such as X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, etc., allowing precise movement in different directions.
3. High precision and repeatability: CNC technology enables lathes to achieve high-precision cutting and machining while ensuring repeatable results for each workpiece.
4. Flexibility: Since the processing path can be changed by modifying the program, CNC lathes have great flexibility and are suitable for processing diverse workpieces.
5. Complex shape processing: CNC lathes can process complex three-dimensional shapes, making them suitable for manufacturing parts with complex geometric structures.
YGMTOOLS CNC Lathe Machines Workpieces
CNC lathes realize the processing of high-precision and complex parts, and are suitable for workpieces with high precision requirements:
1. Shaft parts: bearing shafts, drive shafts, threaded shafts, etc.
2. Threaded parts: Threaded structural parts, such as nuts, bolts, threaded shafts, etc.
3. Cylindrical parts: parts with precision machined cylindrical surfaces, such as rollers, sleeves, bushings, etc.
4. Inner hole parts: parts with inner hole structure, such as bearing sleeves, flanges, nut seats, etc.
5. Complex shape parts: Complex three-dimensional shape parts, such as gears, cams, curved surfaces, etc.
6. Auto parts: engine parts, transmission system parts, suspension system parts, etc.
7. Aerospace parts: engine parts, aircraft bearings, etc.
8. Electronic devices: parts in electronic equipment, such as connectors, motor shafts, etc.
9. Energy industry parts: wind turbine shafts, turbine shafts, etc.
YGMTOOLS CNC Lathe Machines Application
Machinery manufacturing, metal processing
CNC turning centers are suitable for producing various metal parts, including shafts, threads, screws, etc., so the manufacturing industry is the main target customer
Aerospace Industry
CNC turning centers can process high-precision, complex-shaped parts and meet the high requirements for parts accuracy and quality in the aerospace field.
Automobile Manufacturers
CNC turning centers are used to produce automotive parts, such as engine parts, bearings, wheel hubs, etc., to improve production efficiency and quality.
Electronic Manufacturing
CNC turning centers can be used to produce metal parts for electronic equipment, ensuring high precision and complex shape requirements.
Energy And Heavy Industry
CNC turning centers are suitable for processing large and heavy parts to meet the demand for large parts in the energy and heavy industry fields.
Medical Device Manufacturer
CNC turning centers can be used to process high-precision parts for medical equipment, ensuring product reliability and quality.
Sheet Metal Processing
CNC turning centers are sometimes used to process complex sheet metal parts to meet some special requirements.
Precision Machining
CNC turning centers are suitable for precision manufacturing that require high-precision machining, such as optics, instrumentation and other fields.
YGMTOOLS CNC Lathe Machines Product Details
Brand TGNTOOLS Odel TGM80135 CNC machine tool
Assembly device   CNC system, hydraulic chuck, tool holder, etc.
Material   Steel: Stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, etc.
  Copper alloy: brass, bronze, etc.
  Aluminum alloy: Aluminum and various aluminum alloys.
  Nickel alloy: cobalt-based alloy, nickel-based alloy, etc.
  Cast iron: gray cast iron, ductile iron, etc.
  Titanium alloy: Light metal titanium and its alloys.
Project Unit Specification Remark
Maximum rotation diameter of the bed mm 800  
Maximum cutting length mm 1350 Standard configuration
Maximum cutting diameter mm 800 Standard configuration
Maximum rotation diameter on the skateboard mm 500 Standard configuration
Spindle end type and code   D11/C11  
Spindle hole diameter mm 105  
Maximum bar diameter mm 100  
Headstock Spindle speed range / Spindle maximum output torque r/min/Nm 30-84;300-835;53-150;125-350  
main motor power kW 15  
chuck Chuck diameter mm 400 three-claw/630 four-claw  
X-axis rapid movement speed m/min 4  
Z-axis rapid movement speed m/min 8  
X-axis travel mm 520 Standard configuration
Z-axis travel mm 1350 Standard configuration
Tailstock sleeve diameter/stroke mm 100/250  
Tailstock spindle taper hole taper Mohs 6#  
Standard tool holder form   Lisi  
Tool size External round knife mm 32×32  
Boring bar diameter mm Ф32  
Total machine weight kg 5T  
Machine tool appearance Length×width×height mm 3850×1800×1750  
Other Models
Product Details
CNC system
Our factory is equipped with Guangshu as standard, and can also be equipped with optional systems such as Kaindi, Xindai, FANUC, Siemens and other control systems.
Four-station tool holder
The whole machine is equipped with a four-station electric tool holder as standard, and the manual tailstock can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic tailstock (6/8 stations)
Three jaw chuck
The three-jaw centering chuck clamps firmly, and Taiwan hydraulic chuck and domestic hydraulic chuck are optional.
Quenched tailstock
The design load capacity of the machine tool tailstock and the user-friendly tightening method are manual. The tailstock sleeve is high-frequency quenched and carefully ground to prevent wear and tear.
YGMTOOLS CNC Lathe Advantages
  • 1. High precision: 
  • CNC lathes can achieve high-precision processing to ensure that parts meet design requirements.
  • 2. Automated production: 
  • With automated control functions, it can produce continuously and efficiently, reducing human intervention and improving production efficiency.
  • 3. Multi-axis motion: 
  • It can realize multi-axis linkage motion and process complex three-dimensional curved surfaces and multi-contour parts.
  • 4. Flexibility: 
  • Strong adaptability, the processing of different parts can be realized by changing the CNC program, improving the flexibility of production.
  • 5. Reduce human errors:
  •  Automated control can reduce the rate of defective parts caused by human errors.
  • 6. High processing efficiency: 
  • Compared with traditional lathes, CNC lathes usually have higher processing efficiency, especially in mass production.
Generally speaking, CNC lathes have obvious advantages in high precision and mass production. When processing precision metal workpieces, equipment upgrades, expansion of production capacity requirements, new product development, and improvement of production efficiency are often considered. CNC lathes are often the first option considered. .
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our equipment provides an excellent balance of performance and cost-effectiveness, helping customers reduce production costs and improve competitiveness.
  • High precision and stability: Our CNC lathes have excellent high-precision performance, ensuring that the parts machined meet customers' precise requirements while maintaining system stability.
  • Innovative process and technical support: We use advanced automation technology to improve production efficiency, reduce human errors, and ensure the consistency and quality of each processing process. We constantly pursue innovation and provide advanced processes and technical support to ensure that our customers are always at the forefront of technology.
  • Flexibility and customization capabilities: Our equipment is highly flexible and can meet the customized needs of different customers, including multi-axis motion, flexible adjustment of workpiece shapes and processing paths.
  • Comprehensive industry application experience: We have accumulated rich application experience in various industries and can provide professional solutions for manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and other industries.
  • Efficient production, fast delivery, comprehensive after-sales: Our CNC turning center can achieve an efficient production process, improve production efficiency, and ensure that customers can get a fast delivery cycle. We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment maintenance, training, troubleshooting, etc., to ensure that customers receive timely support during use.
  • Sustainability and environmental protection: Our production process focuses on sustainability and environmental protection, ensuring compliance with industry and customer requirements for environmentally friendly manufacturing.
Purchase Guide
1. Clarify the needs:
Learn more about your processing needs, including workpiece size, shape, material, as well as processing accuracy and production volume. Clarifying needs helps determine the specifications and performance requirements of CNC lathes.

2. Select the appropriate specification:
Select the specifications of the CNC lathe according to the processing requirements, including maximum processing diameter, maximum processing length, spindle speed range, etc. Make sure the CNC lathe you choose can meet your specific machining requirements.

3. Consider the CNC system:
Choose a CNC system that is reliable and easy to use. Different CNC systems have different functions and programming methods. Choose the system that suits the operator's skill level and production needs.

4. Brand reputation and after-sales service:
Choose CNC lathes from well-known brands, as these brands usually have good reputations and stable performance. At the same time, ensure that suppliers provide reliable after-sales service and technical support.

5. Performance and accuracy:
Pay attention to the performance indicators of CNC lathes, including positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, spindle accuracy, etc. High-performance and high-precision CNC lathes help improve machining quality.

6. Tool magazine and automatic tool changing system:
Consider whether tool magazines and automatic tool changing systems are needed. These features can increase productivity and reduce tool change times, especially when machining multiple operations and a variety of workpieces.

7. Processing speed and feed speed:
Select the processing speed and feed speed of the CNC lathe according to the processing needs. Appropriate speed can improve production efficiency, but it needs to ensure that processing quality is not affected.

8. Energy consumption:
Consider the energy consumption of CNC lathes and choose equipment with higher energy efficiency. This helps reduce operating costs and comply with environmental standards.

9. Costs and Budget:
Establish a clear budget and choose the most suitable CNC lathe within this range. Note that not only the purchase cost must be considered, but also the subsequent maintenance and operating costs.

Careful preparation and an in-depth understanding of the market before purchasing a CNC lathe will help ensure that you choose a machine that meets your needs and performs reliably. If you still have questions about CNC lathes, you are welcome to consult YGMTOOLS engineers at any time. They will recommend accurate models and accessories based on your specific processing needs to avoid detours.
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