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YTMTOOLS has been focusing on the production of thread rolling machines for 28 years
YTMTOOLS hydraulic thread rolling machine has various models, suitable for processing engineering threads such as scaffolding, auto parts threads, mechanical parts and other cold-rolled thread processing. The specifications of the thread rolling machine can be customized. Factory direct shipment.

Control Panel

The main system of thread rolling machine, digitally setting the precise size of the processed parts, and expert training on the whole operation.

Safe and Reliable

It works safe and reliable, It can works all day long, and can save steel and energy.

Pure Copper Motor

Pure copper motor is stronger and more wear-resistant than ordinary motor, and has a longer service life. it can easily handle high-strength steel materials.


For the driving system of spindle, adopt multi-stage gear box to tealize stable and convenient speed variation.
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YTMTOOLS 2-Rolls Thread Rolling Machine


Technical Features Value
Rolling Force (KN) 10-180
Speed Range (RPM) 36-78
Min. Max. Die Dia. (mm) 120-170
Die Spindle Dia. (mm) 54
Max. Die Length (mm) 100
Workpiece Dia. (mm) 4-50mm
Swivel Angle ±5°
Weight (kg) 1800kg
lenght×Width×Height 1600*1550*1445mm


Technical Features Value
Rolling Force (KN) 10-120
Speed Range (RPM) 16-90
Min. Max. Die Dia. (mm) 120-210
Die Spindle Dia. (mm) 75
Max. Die Length (mm) 120
Workpiece Dia. (mm) 4-60mm
Swivel Angle ±12°
Weight (kg) 2300kg
lenght×Width×Height 1700*1850*1550mm


Technical Features Value
Rolling Force (KN) 10-150
Speed Range (RPM) 16-80
Min. Max. Die Dia. (mm) 190-240
Die Spindle Dia. (mm) 85
Max. Die Length (mm) 200
Workpiece Dia. (mm) 4-110mm
Swivel Angle ±8°
Weight (kg) 4500kg
lenght×Width×Height 2500*2700*1500mm
YTMTOOLS 3-Rolls Thread Rolling Machine


Technical Features Value
Max roling pressure 150KN
Rolling die range-Max outer diameter 120-170mm
Rolling die range-Aperture 54mm
Rolling die range-Max width 100mm
Main axis inclination ±5°
Dimensions(lenght×Width×Height) 1750*1600*1900mm
Weight 2300kg± 50kg


Technical Features Value
Screw Diameter φ9-40mm
Wheel revolutions 350. 600r. p. m
Outer diameter of roller φ78-90mm
Inner diameter of roller φ25.4\ φ35
The thickness of roller 20、40mm
Roller wheel shaft stroke interval 55-90mm
Weight 600kg
Dimensions 1200*850*1400mm
High Speed Thread Rolling Machine
Our machines can produce various types of screw and bolt threads, such as miniature screws, self-tapping screws, machine screws or special ones. Moulds are supplied with screws or bolts produced according to customer needs.
WhatsApp: 86-13223286372
YTMTOOLS specializing in manufacturing machinery and equipment such as hydraulic thread rolling machine for more than 20 years
2014-2022 Exported countries has been expanded, especially with Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Chile, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.
2010 – 2 die, 2 head moved, PLC controlled Thread Rolling Machine has been designed and produced.
2006 – Railway Bolt Thread Rolling Machines design and production has been completed.
2005 – First export of first 3 die thread rolling machine achieved.
2004 – 3 die Thread Rolling Machines’ design and production made.
2003 – made expansion to European market.
2002 – Started production of column type with inclation adjustment in Thread Rolling Machines.
2001 – First 3 rolls thread rolling machines export has been achieved.
1998 – In November YTMTOOLS has been established in Xingwan, Ren County, Xingtai, Hebei.
YTMTOOLS (Xingtai Yutong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Add:XIngWan Industrial Zone, Xingtai CIty,Hebei province, China.
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