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YTMTOOLS Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine
  • Use our YTMTOOLS Automatic stirrup bending machine opportunity to save you a huge salary. 
  • The fastest speed can upto 3.7s per piece.can process 1900-2500pcs(double wire) stirrups for one hour, the speed Is very fast.
  • Productivity is high, quite twenty to thirty artificial.The equipment use is strong, just one person operation, save a lot of artifical.
  • One machine replace 15 labors, one day can save 300USD, one month you can save the salary to buy one machine.
YTMTOOLS Manual bending machine
  • 2. Which have high precision and hardness .all the gears are fine processed twice.
  • 3. The stop gauge can be installed from four different corners to realize the requirement of putting steel bar from various directions.
  • 4. It is fully enclosed gear-box, low noise, high and low speed, which is easy for the worker to handle.
  • 5. It adds eccentric bushing, ultra-high hardness accessories and adjustable baffles, so it will have longer service life . 
  • 6. We provide complete accessories, so do not worry the maintenance.
  • 7. Our products with ISO certification in conformity with national quality standards.
YTMTOOLS Thread rolling machine
  • 1. Price concessions, widely used, can process all kinds of standard bolts and non-standard bolts, tie rod, anchor bolt;
  • 2. Both radial and axial machining
  • 3. Simple operation, high efficiency and reliable quality.
  • 4. Can be processed metric thread, the United States thread, inch thread, shaped thread
  • 5. The maximum workpiece can be processed 80mm, pitch range 1-10mm
YTMTOOLS Straightening and cutting machine
  • Fast Feeding & Straightening speed can be 25m per min
  • Double set of feed rollers for smooth feeding
  • High speed rotating spinner for getting exact straight wire
  • Sound is slight during running and no vibrations
  • Built on rigid Steel Fabricated Frame
  • Low Maintenance with High Productivity
  • Cutting tools is a simple construction, easy to adjust and change
  • Quickly and easily adjustable dies in spinner
  • Consumes less Power
YTMTOOLS Concrete Pump
  • 1.  Better stability
  • The pump adopts Kawasaki hydraulic pump and import group valve to better stability and longer service life.
  • 2. Strong transfer capability
  • With Diameter.80-125mm transfer pipe, the pump can transfer more concrete and deal with aggregate diameter in 40mm.
  • 3. Lager hopper
  • With 0.8m3 hopper, the dump can be high capability and less surplus.
  • 4. High efficiency
  • The pump is more automatable, and can save labor. The hydraulic outrigger we adopted in the product can save configuration time than 3times.
YTMTOOLS Reducing diameter machine
  • 1.  Suitable Bar Diameter (Range): φ12~ φ25 mm and φ22~ φ36 mm
  • 2.  Processing Time: about 20 seconds (to reduce the bar diameter from 22 mm to 20.1 mm ; reducing length: 200mm )
  • 3.  Suitable Bar Length [The original Steel bar LENGTH (Before Reducing)]: 500~2000 mm
  • 4.  Application:
  • 5. bolt, screw, fastener, stud, torque wrench, torque spanner 
  • 6. grab handles, guard rails, structural supports and braces