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CNC Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer
CNC Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer
Z28 Series: ZA28-20, ZA28-35, ZA28-63
ZA28 Series: Z28-150, Z28-200, Z28-250, Z28-500, Z28-650, Z28-40B
● CNC Control panel with roller variable frequency variable speed provides simple andfast operation,convenient rolling a variety of different shapes ofthreaded tooth shape and different materials of the parts. Automatic CNC Thread Rolling Machine has the characteristics of higher rolling accuracy and digitization, and easier automation.

Our Numerical control thread rolling machine is used to process threads on bolts, screws, fasteners and threaded rods. Can be equipped with automatic feeding device. It can be processed radially or axially. With the corresponding rolling wheel, ordinary bolts, special bolts and tie rods can be processed.
Automatic CNC Thread Rolling Machine is my factory use of advanced digital control technology independent research and development of high-performance roll forming machine. It is mainly used for cold forming of small modulus involute spline and high precision external thread. It can also be used for cold rolling forming of other high precision conodont. Has the following advantages:

● Touch screen operation panel, more precision control;
● On the basis of high rigid bed, the comprehensive design of various rolling fixture required;
● Three-axis servo operation, improve the accuracy and mold life;
●This Automatic CNC Thread Rolling Machine is Simple operation, the left and right spindle can be adjusted by data input between the roller tooth distance and tooth position, the size of the center distance of the left and right spindle can be adjusted by input data;
●Can be high rolling, the left and right spindle through their own independent servo motor drive, through synchronous control can eliminate tooth bias to achieve high precision rolling;
●Non-hydraulic feed ball screw, reduce the influence of hydraulic temperature change on machining accuracy;
●With radial rolling, axial rolling, rerolling, reciprocating rolling 4 processing methods, can be the same workpiece for multi-station rolling in turn;
●This Automatic CNC Thread Rolling Machine is Equipped with special parts, can realize spline shaft, vortex shaft, ordinary thread, straight grain, mesh and other parts for precision rolling.
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YGMTOOLS Thread Rolling Machine has many international quality certifications, such as CE, ISO9001, GB/T19001, etc. 
Every year, many customers from all over the world come to the YGMTOOLS factory to visit and test. Countries like Russia, Spain, Chile, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. Free quote online.
Indonesia, diameter reducing machine Indonesia customers visited the factory and purchased diameter reducing machine.
Russia, purchasing two Z28-250 thread rolling machines Russia customer, purchased 2 Z28-250 thread rolling machines.
Iran, mining bolt assembly line Iran customers visit the factory and purchased mining bolt assembly line.
Algeria, Threaded rod production line Algeria customer visited the factory and purchased Threaded rod production line.
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