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ZA28 Series Thread Rolling Machine
New product in 2024 - ZA28 series thread rolling machine! It is used for rolling all kinds of precision external threads, high-strength standard parts and large pitch angle bolts, T-type, M-type and other workpieces. More specifications can be customized!
YGMTOOLS 2024 new model, ZA28 series thread rolling machine, compared with the old Z28 series, has been greatly upgraded in terms of operating efficiency, accuracy, and service life, and is more cost-effective!
1. Servo motor adjusts the stroke, three-axis linkage, more accurate precision
2. Siemens electronic control system
3.DELIXI control panel
4. Hongtai hydraulic system, stable pressure and long-lasting work
5. Jinjiang automobile special transmission shaft, the main shaft has continuously variable speed, which effectively prevents teeth from running out.
6. Oil pump: The wheel type is changed to a direct plug-in type, with a lower failure rate.
7. Integrated casting body, more stable and longer service life
8. Rollers: ZA28-20 uses a 45-hole roller, which is more cost-effective than the 75-hole roller of the old model 200.
9. Rack base: higher stability, not easy to loose teeth, screws
10. Certification: CE, ISO9001, SGS, etc.
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Widely used for rolling various specifications of building threading thread, steel support, trapezoidal thread and modular thread.
Widely used for rolling various precision external threads and high-strength standard parts, including ordinary threads, trapezoidal threads and modular threads.
Suiteble for rolling carbon steels, allloy steels,non-ferrous metals with elongation greater than 10% and tensile strength less than 10N/mm2.
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YGMTOOLS Thread Rolling Machine has many international quality certifications, such as CE, ISO9001, GB/T19001, etc. 
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