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Do You Know the Advantages of Automatic Thread Rolling Machine?
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Do You Know the Advantages of Automatic Thread Rolling Machine?

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Thread rolling machine manufacturer introduces you: Thread rolling is a multi-functional cold extrusion forming machine. The thread rolling machine can perform thread, straight, twill on the workpiece in the cold state within its rolling pressure range Processing such as rolling; it is an advanced non-cutting process that can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece. The radial compressive stress generated during processing can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsional strength of the workpiece. Energy saving and low consumption ideal process.

Working principle of automatic thread rolling machine: squeeze the workpiece with two threaded sticks

Definition: It is a multifunctional cold extrusion forming machine

Advantages: greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers

Overview of automatic thread rolling machine:

Automatic thread rolling machine is an automatic thread rolling machine that is equipped with an automatic feeding mechanism such as a vibrating plate, a hopper, an automatic feeder, etc., in conjunction with an automatic control system such as a PLC. . Both 2- and 3-axis thread rolling machines can be converted into automatic thread rolling machines.

Advantages and convenience: As the management of workers becomes more and more difficult, the cost of labor is getting higher and higher, and the application of automatic thread rolling machines is becoming more and more widespread. The advantages of the thread rolling machine produced by our company are also here, namely the fully automatic thread rolling machine. By replacing the traditional manual thread rolling machine with an automatic thread rolling machine, the labor intensity of the workers can be greatly reduced. Only workers need to put workpieces into multiple feeding mechanisms such as vibrating disks at one time to realize fully automatic processing of products. Multiple equipment can greatly save manpower and material resources; at the same time, it can reduce the influence of factors such as workers' emotions on the quality of product processing and enhance the consistency of product processing.

Working principle: Use two threaded sticks to squeeze the workpiece to be processed, and plastically deform the outer surface of the part. Form a thread. Because the thread is produced by plastic deformation, its strength is better than that produced by cutting.


Large Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

Large automatic thread rolling machine processing principle: the principle of cold rolling on the small modulus involute spline principle. L and R are a pair of involute rolling wheels with the same parameters, which are respectively installed on the two main shafts of the thread rolling machine, and can be synchronously rotated in the same direction under the drive of a transmission mechanism. The R wheel can be driven by a cylinder to perform radial feed motion. The L wheel can be adjusted to coincide with the indentation of the R wheel on the surface of the workpiece P through the adjustment of the adjustment mechanism. Workpiece P is positioned and clamped with two center holes. Adjusting the fixture can move the workpiece axially, and when it is under stress, it can swing a Φ angle around the axis parallel to the O axis of the fixture and the machine tool spindle to ensure that the workpiece is always cold during the rolling process. It keeps free rolling with the two rolling wheels, and it is easy to clamp the workpiece.

Realization of automatic feeding: Generally, the workpiece is neatly arranged by adding an automatic feeding mechanism such as a vibrating disk, and then the pneumatic feeding clamping device is used to perform automatic feeding processing under the control of a PLC system.

Process decomposition:

1. Neat feeding of vibration plate

2. Pneumatic system feeds the workpiece to the processing place of the rolling wheel

3. The thread rolling wheel feeds and clamps the workpiece (this step can be performed synchronously with step 2, but the roller cannot clamp the workpiece before the workpiece is delivered in step 2)

4.Thread rolling wheel performs thread rolling on the workpiece

5. After processing, the workpiece naturally falls into the inclined rail under the action of gravity

6. The workpiece falls into the finished product frame with the inclined guide


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