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Five Characteristics Of Thread Rolling Machine?
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Five Characteristics Of Thread Rolling Machine?

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The thread rolling machine sold on the market is different from the old-fashioned thread rolling machine. Let's take a look together!

1. Compared to the completion of a process, the most headache for us is to reload it again and again. However, the new type of thread rolling is very automatic. It only needs a simple rebar clamping to complete the thread processing, and the effect is better than the traditional rolling.

2. We all know that the construction industry is prone to cause "noise", but the new thread rolling machine can automatically eject and return the knife, and the noise is low.

3. The new machine has a smaller floor area, compact structure, simple operation and faster processing speed than other equipment.

4. The types of steel bars processed by traditional thread rolling machine are few and single. However, there are many new types of rebar that can be processed, and the thread patterns are also varied, which reduces a lot of trouble for workers.

5, to save the output of workers' labor, older machines need human help. This new type saves resources in this regard.

The thread rolling machine is relatively a medium-sized device, so if you want to adjust it in the face of this machine, what should you do? I still need to understand some of the professional knowledge in this area, hydraulic thread rolling machine supplier for everyone to popularize it!

1. For the thread rolling wheel, if you want to adjust it, first unscrew the screw inside the thread rolling wheel and remove the front shaft.

2. For the adjustment of the equipment, if it is the rolling method of the pedal, the rolling switch can be changed to the manual position to control the thread rolling shaft wheel. In the case of automatic circulation, the machine can be modulated in the automatic mode. In this automatic mode, the thread rolling shaft wheel is in a repeating motion.

3. The shaft wheel angle is inclined. If this problem occurs, loosen the screws of the main turntable, and then gently rotate the shaft wheel turntable to see where the screws are loose and tighten.

4. Adjustment of the bracket. The bracket is the main workpiece used as the "support" to ensure the rolling of the two axle wheels. Keep in mind, however, that as the diameter of the workpiece changes, the position of the support changes accordingly.

For the use of equipment, the workers who usually operate must know the correct operating specifications, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and damage to the machine. When selecting a machine, it is best to choose a direct sales thread rolling machine manufacturer. There is protection.

What is the essential difference between a "Roll tooth machine" and a "thread rolling machine"?

Each type of product will have its own characteristics and features. Let's take a look at the differences between Roll tooth machine and gear rolling machines today! The Roll tooth machine can be divided into 4 types: two-axis hydraulic type, two-axis hydraulic type, three-axis hydraulic type, and three-axis hydraulic type.

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

The advantage of the Roll tooth machine is the high stability of the product, which can be fully automated within the allowable size. Roller type is suitable for zero-length workpieces with large lengths, and is supported by equal triangles. It can be said that it is the most commonly used machine in the fastener industry.

The thread rolling machine is a multifunctional hydraulic thread rolling machine, which is mainly used for thread processing of the workpiece such as thread and rule. Under normal circumstances, there are three working cycle modes: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Two shafts are rolled solid parts, and three shafts are hollow tubular iron pipes.

Now everyone is more inclined to thread rolling machine, two-axis thread rolling machine will be relatively cheaper.

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