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Hydraulic thread rolling machine daily cleaning
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Hydraulic thread rolling machine daily cleaning

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The hydraulic thread rolling machine is a multi-functional cold extrusion forming machine. The thread rolling machine can process the workpiece in the cold state under the rolling pressure range, such as threading, straight graining and twill rolling; straight teeth, helical teeth and oblique flowers Rolling of key gears; straightening, reduction, rolling, and various forming rolls. The machine has a safe and reliable electro-hydraulic execution and control system that allows each duty cycle to be selected in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes.

The hydraulic thread rolling machine cold rolling process is an advanced non-cutting process, which can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece, and the radial compressive stress generated during processing can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsional strength of the workpiece. An ideal process for high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption.

Transfer and operation of hydraulic thread rolling machine:

1. Change the status of the task of picking the electric door, and take the form of active rolling and pedal rolling and manual form. Active repeating form: launching the hydraulic generator, taking the electric switch to the active, discriminating the active rolling pressure and the forward stop according to the hydraulic demand. At that time, the sliding seat is working under the hydraulic pressure mastered by the working device. In the feed activity, the sliding seat is under the control of the stop-and-go and the stop-and-go activities. Pedal-type repeating form: plug the foot line connector, which often stops the task with the pedal, and uses the foot to step on the electric door. The sliding seat is under the hydraulic pressure for the traveling activity, and the foot is being rolled after the task is rolled. The seat is folded back under the pressure of hydraulic pressure.

2. When installing the thread rolling wheel, the root rod should be wiped clean. When transporting the rolling wheel, first remove the wheel rod support, and install the rolling wheel on the wheel rod. Adjusted to the required axial position, the end faces of the two rolling wheels should be over-adjusted to a certain extent, and the sealing ring should be combined with the bearing ring to prevent the rolling shaft from swaying.


Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

3. The support seat should be at the core of the work. With the change of the diameter of the rolling work piece, the position of the support seat also needs to change. The transfer method: grasp the two flow nuts, move the support seat to the required position, tighten the nut Just fine.

4. The support block is under the support seat, the top is welded with hard alloy, and the support block fastening nut is grasped. The pad is added at the bottom of the support block to mobilize the support block up and down, and then the nut is tightened, and the support block is rolling up and down. The main role of the pressure process.

Hydraulic thread rolling machine is the same as the machine commonly used in our industry. When you use the thread rolling machine, you must strictly follow the instruction manual. Only in this way can the performance and working efficiency of the machine be achieved, and of course, the limit. Extend the life of your equipment. When you use this machine in peacetime, you need to check whether the thread rolling machine is in normal operation. After the end of the day, you must clean the machine tool, do routine maintenance work, and be neat, clean, lubricated and safe. Point requirements, only this can not only protect the equipment well but also give the staff a good working environment. The thread rolling machine supplier is to say that in daily work, you must ensure that the machine and the surrounding environment are clean. Not only that, but also need to check the power supply to see if the grounding or socket connection is safe and reliable. All staff who operate this machine must carry out relevant training before they are employed. Only after they have passed the training can they be employed.

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