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Rebar Bending Machine Working Principle And Wiring Steps
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Rebar Bending Machine Working Principle And Wiring Steps

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Rebar bending machine works:

Rebar bending machine, one of the rebar processing machines. The working mechanism is a horizontal working disc rotating on a vertical axis. The supporting pin is fixed on the machine tool. The center pin and the bending pin are mounted on the working disc. When the disc is rotated, the steel bar is bent. In order to bend steel bars of various diameters, there are several holes in the working plate for inserting bending pin shafts, and central pin shafts of different diameters can also be replaced accordingly.

Rebar bender bending machine is intelligent and efficient. It has been widely used in major projects, so repair and maintenance is a very important thing.

Maintenance and maintenanceof CNC wire hoop bending machine:

1. The equipment main power must be cut off before the equipment maintenance. If the adjustment of mechanical parts is involved, the remaining gas in the gas path must be discharged;

2. Do not use chemical solvents that damage the machine to clean the equipment;

3. Equipment maintenance personnel must read the equipment instruction manual carefully;

4. Check the main parts daily before starting up, and perform maintenance once a month. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time. And keep records;

5. Clean up the oil pollution, iron filings and waste materials inside and outside the equipment in a timely manner and recycle them;

6. If the equipment is used outdoors, it should be installed under the sun-covered ceiling, and the foundation below should be reliable and dry. Try to avoid exposure to strong sunlight, and do not allow it to be used outdoors in rain or snow. Failure to do so will result in electrical and mechanical damage to the machine and prevent it from working properly.


CNC Wire Hoop Bending Machine

Equipment maintenance for each shift of CNC bending hoop machine:

1. Check whether the fasteners of the machine are secure before work. Check whether the lubrication is good;

2. After each shift is completed, the work site and equipment should be cleaned up, and iron filings, broken steel bars and debris should be removed in time. Wipe the machine;

3. When the ambient temperature is low (less than 3 ), the water in the pneumatic part must be released in time at the end of the work, and the moisture at the mouth of the muffler should be dried with cotton yarn;

4. Check the tightening of the screws in each part; traction wheel bolts, shear knife bolts, bolts of each straightening wheel, bent mandrel bolts, bent shaft bolts.

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