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Steel wire rolling machine
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Steel wire rolling machine

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The steel bar rolling machine is a machine which adopts the advanced technology of rib stripping rolling pressure to process the straight thread at the end of the steel bar connection. The metal fiber of steel bar straight thread formed by it is continuously dense and has good comprehensive mechanical properties. Tensile strength increased by 20% - 30%, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance increased by 40% - 40% increased by 50% - 200%, wire rod connecting strength are higher than steel reinforced joint mechanical performance meet and exceed standards at home and abroad.

Steel rolling straight thread connection technology, suitable for industrial and civil buildings, for give full play to the important part of the structure reinforcement strength and ductility of the nut to, oblique, the horizontal reinforcing steel bar connection construction. Its technology is simple and fast, it can be made, it does not pollute the environment, it does not have explosion fire hidden danger, it is safe and reliable, it can be constructed all day long, it saves a lot of steel and energy. Only spanner is used to connect the steel bar. Each steel bar joint takes about one minute. The construction period of the structure was shortened and the industrial civilization construction was realized.

Steel wire rolling machine design novel, advanced technology, lightweight and convenient. Simple operation, high degree of automation, stripping rib rolling straight thread forming. The thread teeth are of good quality and high precision. The length of the straight thread is the same as that of the specification.

Rebar thread rolling tractor for Φ 12, 14, 1 June, Φ Φ Φ 1 8, 20, 22, 25, Φ Φ Φ Φ 28, Φ 32, Φ 36 and 40 in the specifications of the ordinary ribbed HRB335, HRB400, RRB400 ~ jin directly rolling processing, don't need to reinforced upsetting, stripping rib, such as pretreatment, it can be processed directly from the neat thread.

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine is a kind of steel bar processing machine widely used in the construction industry in recent years. It makes the end part of the steel bar roll directly at a time to produce cold hardening of the machine head, so that the strength is improved, so that the steel wire head is the same as the base material. It consists of frame, clamping mechanism, feed towing plate, reducer and thread rolling head, cooling system and electrical system.

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