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Technical Differences of Rebar Bending Machines
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Technical Differences of Rebar Bending Machines

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Rebar bending machine, one of the steel processing machinery. The working mechanism is a horizontal working disc that rotates on a vertical axis. The steel bar is placed in the dotted line in the figure. The support pin is fixed on the machine tool. The center pin and the bending pin are mounted on the working disc. The disc rotates. When you bend the rebar. In order to bend steel bars of various diameters, there are several holes in the working plate for inserting bending pin shafts, and central pin shafts of different diameters can also be replaced accordingly.

The reason why China's construction and construction machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years is that on the one hand, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to improve its own product grade and the low domestic labor cost are one reason; on the other hand, the country has implemented active fiscal policies for many years to promote the growth of the industry is the underlying cause.

Technical differences

The structure of the steel bar bending machine of each steel bending cutting machine supplier is basically the same. There are two kinds of transmission schemes for the steel bar bending machine: "with one or two gears--worm gear and worm gear drive" and "with one or three gears drive". The steel bar bending machine using worm gear transmission is not as efficient as the gear bending machine, that is, under the same driving motor power condition, it is easier to bend the steel bar with the same diameter. But the worm gear transmission Due to its self-locking characteristics, the positioning accuracy of bending during work will be higher. At present, the production and application of bending machines with a "two-stage gear-worm gear transmission" scheme is more common and the market share is high.


Steel Bar Bending Machine

Production difference

At present, the structure and production technology of mechanical transmission steel bar bending machines are very mature, and the quality differences of various manufacturers' products are mainly reflected in the following points:

(1) There is a big difference in the shape and materials of the chassis of various manufacturers. The rebar bending machine with too little material, the overall rigidity of the equipment is too poor, and the appearance is lacking in aesthetics.

(2) Only a few manufacturers pay attention to the surface quality of the working discs and other accessories. The working discs and other accessories have been plated, and each socket is sealed with a rubber sleeve.

(3) Some manufacturers of steel bar bending machines are equipped with non-standard motors. The output power of these motors is relatively small, it is easy to heat up in continuous work, and it is impossible to bend the steel bar of the nominal diameter.

(4) The gears and worm gears of the transmission system are different in terms of processing quality, selection of materials, and heat treatment processes.

(5) A large number of manufacturers' bending machines do not pay attention to the quality of the appearance coating. A small number of manufacturers use plastic spraying methods, and the appearance visual effect is not bad.

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