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Thread rolling machine adjustment and operation
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Thread rolling machine adjustment and operation

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First, change the working position of the selector switch, you can choose automatic rolling and pedal mode rolling and manual mode.

Automatic cycle mode: start the hydraulic motor, turn the selector switch to automatic, adjust the automatic roll-on time and the back-off time according to the hydraulic pressure. At this time, the slide seat performs the feed motion under the hydraulic pressure controlled by the forward time relay, and slides. The seat is under the control of the back stop time relay and is used for the back movement.

Pedal-type circulation mode: plug the foot line connector, when the time relay stops working, use the foot to step down the switch, the sliding seat moves forward under hydraulic pressure, lifts the foot after completing the work rolling, and the sliding seat is hydraulic Return under pressure.

Second, when installing the rolling wheel, the root rod should be cleaned. When loading and unloading the rolling wheel, first remove the wheel support. Install the rolling wheel on the wheel and adjust the rolling wheel with the adjusting washer. To the required axial position, the end faces of the two rolling wheels should be adjusted to a horizontal plane as much as possible. The rolling wheel and the bearing of the supporting seat are combined with a washer to prevent the rolling wheel from axially swaying.

Third, the large automatic thread rolling machine’s support seat should be at the center of the workpiece. With the change of the diameter of the rolled workpiece, the position of the support seat also needs to be changed. Adjustment method: loosen the two fixing bolts, move the support seat to the required position, and tighten the bolts.


Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

Forth, he support block is mounted on the support base, the top end is welded with cemented carbide, the support block fastening bolt is loosened, the spacer is added or removed at the bottom of the support block to adjust the height of the support block, and then the bolt is tightened, and the height of the support block is rolled. It plays an important role in the pressure process.

(1) The height of the support block depends on the specifications of the rolled workpiece, and may be slightly higher or lower depending on the material of the workpiece. Under normal circumstances, for ordinary steel, high-quality carbon steel and non-ferrous metal workpieces, the center of the workpiece can be slightly lower than the center of the rolling wheel bar 0-0.25mm. For high-strength high-quality alloy steel and stainless steel workpieces, the center of the workpiece can be slightly Higher than the center of the rolling wheel. In use, the user should adjust according to the actual situation.

(2) The width of the support block should be the starting point when the rolling wheel does not collide with the support block when rolling, and the workpiece with the diameter below M10 should be close to the maximum allowable width. For the workpiece with the diameter M10 or higher Allows the top of the support block to have a large width, but it does not need to exceed 18mm.

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