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Mini/Small excavtor Details
Model: YT08
weight: 750kg
Power: 12kw/3000rpm
Digging height: 2350mm
Digging depth: 1200mm
Vertical digging depth: 1120mm
Model: YT15
weight: 1280kg
Power: 14kw/3000rpm
Digging height: 2590mm
Digging depth: 1600mm
Vertical digging depth: 1420mm
Model: YT12
weight: 980kg
Power: 12kw/3600rpm
Digging height: 2490mm
Digging depth: 1400mm
Vertical digging depth: 1320mm
Model: YT20
Power: 10kw/2200rpm
weight: 1980kg
Digging height: 3275mm
Digging depth: 2150mm
Vertical digging depth: 1740mm
Mini/Small excavtor Advantages
Free telescopic hydraulic cylinder
Using high manganese steel
plate to weld high strength arm
Install broken hammer, auger,
wood clamp location
Installed bulldozer
setting function more
Powerful, stable driving,
reliable quality
Pilot operating handle
more comfortable
Our excavator can meet different environmental needs
YT mini excavator is designed for small works, small projects, in garden, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse, digging trench. It is with small engine, simple design, easy to maintain.
One machine with multiple functions .All kinds of projects need only one
5.Wood Catcher
6.Shell bucket
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