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Thread Rolling Machines Malaysia
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Thread Rolling Machines Malaysia

Model: ZA28-35
● Max rolling pressure: 260KN
● Axial feed diameter: Φ64mm
● Application: Widely used for rolling various precision external threads and high-strength standard parts, including ordinary threads, trapezoidal threads and modular threads.
  • ZA28-35


 Product Description

Versatility: The ZA28-35 two-die thread rolling machine can be used to form straight, helical, and inclined threads on solid bars and rods.

Customization: It can be customized according to non-standard thread requirements to meet specific project needs.

Wide Applicability: The machine can process bars or rods with diameters ranging from Φ64mm, with thread pitches between 1mm and 2mm, and the thread rolling length is adjustable according to requirements.

Hydraulic Drive System: Equipped with a hydraulic drive system, the machine operates strongly and smoothly, with adjustable hydraulic pressure ensuring stable and reliable processing results.

Ease of Operation: The two-die thread rolling machine is easy to operate, with provided instructional videos, operation manuals, and free training services to help customers quickly master the operation skills.

Packaging Protection: Optional wooden packaging is available to ensure the cylindrical thread rolling machine is well-protected during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping.

ZA28-35 Thread Rolling Machine-1ZA28-35 Thread Rolling Machine-2ZA28-35 Thread Rolling Machine-4ZA28-35 Thread Rolling Machine-5

Praga Thread Rolling Machine-Control Panel

Control Panel

The main system of thread rolling machine, digitally setting the precise size of the processed parts, and expert training on the whole operation.

Praga Thread Rolling Machine-synchronous drive shaft system

synchronous drive shaft system

The 2 axis rotates synchronously and in the same direction, and the accuracy of the synchronization determines the accuracy of the rolling thread.

Praga Thread Rolling Machine-Pure Copper Motor

Pure Copper Motor

Pure copper motors are more than 5 times the service life of ordinary motors, with stable electrical conductivity, which is the biggest foundation for hydraulic stability.

Praga Thread Rolling Machine-Thread rolling machine Thread Rollers

Thread rolling machine Thread Rollers

Precision thread rolling wheel, according to the workpiece professional recommended size, support customization.

ZA28-35 Thread Rolling Machine


Ease of Operation: Specifically designed for small full-thread tube-type parts, ensuring straightforward and user-friendly operation.

Variable Speed Control: The spindle is regulated by a frequency converter, allowing for adjustable rotation speeds to suit different machining requirements.

Smooth Tool Forwarding: Utilizes hydraulic circuit control for smooth tool advancement, enhancing operational ease and efficiency.

Enhanced Durability: Features driving gears treated with heat for reduced noise levels and increased wear resistance, ensuring prolonged durability and reliability.

Precision and Consistency: Offers high precision and stability, ensuring uniformity in product manufacturing, and maintaining consistent quality standards.

Processed Parts Display
Processed Parts Display-1
Processed Parts Display-5
Processed Parts Display-2
Processed Parts Display-4
Processed Parts Display-7
Processed Parts Display-8
Processed Parts Display-6
Processed Parts Display-3

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