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Types Of Thread Rolling Machines
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Types Of Thread Rolling Machines

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Thread rolling is a simple process in which a metal bar is initially cut to length and forged to make a bolt or screw head. Varies depending on the type of mold used. The thread rolling machine can be flat die, planetary die or cylindrical die.

The thread rolling machine produced by YGMTOOLS belongs to the cylindrical die type. It is characterized by single-person operation and CNC operation panel, which greatly saves labor costs and improves the production efficiency of thread manufacturing.

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Screw Thread Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

Cylindrical Die Type:

Cylindrical dies or rollers are considered to have infinite working surfaces. These machines are usually operated by a combination of radial feed and through feed. Unlike flat and planetary models, cylindrical models deform through multiple passes as the metal rolls. Cylindrical die machines can be divided into two categories: two-die machines and three-die machines.

Double Die Rolling Machine:

This type of threading machine has two parallel rollers, one or both of which can be moved radially to accept and penetrate the blank. The position of the blank is slightly offset from the plane of the die centerline to prevent it from lifting. A smooth roller support or support rod is located in the middle to hold the stock while threading.

Three-die Thread Rolling Machine:

The machine has three rollers positioned at 120° to each other. Generally, all the rollers can be moved radially, with the position of the blank being kept centered during penetration. Compared with the two-mode machine, the three-mode machine has better force balance, but the adjustment is more difficult and complicated.

Segment Or Planet Type:

Planetary types operate by rolling stock through one stationary and one moving surface. However, this machine uses rotational motion instead of translation. This type includes fixed bending dies and central rotating dies. One or more stationary molds can be matched to a single rotating mold. Fixed dies roll one stock at a time.

Flat Model:

This type of thread rolling machine consists of two rectangular dies, one stationary and the other reciprocating. The reciprocating die moves parallel to the stationary die. The surface of the die contains ridges that represent the profile of the thread to be produced. The ridges are inclined at an angle equal to the helix angle of the thread. The distance between the tops of the die is equal to the minor diameter of the thread.

Thread rolling application

At YGMTOOLS, we specialize in the production of threaded rolled parts for a variety of industrial applications. Our components can be used in factory applications, equipment, and commercial or residential environments.

Some of the most popular applications for threaded rolled parts include:

aerospace parts

car parts

Oil and Gas Parts

medical parts

plumbing accessories



fluid connector

HVAC Components

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YTMTOOLS Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

YGMTOOLS Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

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