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Thread Rolling Machine Applications in the Aerospace Industry
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Thread Rolling Machine Applications in the Aerospace Industry

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Thread rolling machines have a variety of critical applications in the aerospace industry, where accuracy, reliability and safety are critical. The aerospace industry requires high-quality threaded components to ensure the structural integrity and performance of aircraft and spacecraft. 

Here are some key applications of thread rolling machines in the aerospace industry:

Aircraft fasteners:

Thread rolling machines are used to produce a variety of fasteners used in aircraft manufacturing, including bolts, screws, nuts and studs. These fasteners are critical for connecting various components in an aircraft, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Aircraft fasteners

Engine parts:

Threaded connections are critical for aircraft engines. Thread rolling machines are used to machine threads on engine bolts, studs and other fasteners, ensuring safe assembly of engine components and maintaining the engine's high performance standards.

Aircraft Engine parts

Landing gear system:

Threaded connections are widely used in aircraft landing gear systems. The thread rolling machine processes threads on components such as landing gear bolts, axles and bearing races to ensure reliable and safe operation of the landing gear.

Flight control system:

Threaded connections are crucial in aircraft flight control systems. Thread rolling machines create threads on control rods, clevis pins and other flight control components, ensuring precise and responsive control of the aircraft during flight.

Flight control system control rods

Body structure:

Threaded connections are widely used in the construction of fuselage structures. Thread rolling machines produce threads on structural components such as wing spars, wing ribs and fuselage frames, ensuring a secure connection of these critical components.

Aerospace Hardware:

Thread rolling machines are used to manufacture a variety of aerospace hardware such as fittings, couplings and connectors, ensuring reliable and leak-proof connections for fuel and hydraulic systems.


Threaded connections are used in avionics and electronic enclosures. Thread rolling machines produce threads on mounting hardware, ensuring that avionics components are securely attached to the aircraft.

Aerospace fastening systems:

Threaded connections are an integral part of aerospace fastening systems designed to provide fast and efficient assembly and disassembly of aircraft components during maintenance and repair.

Advantages of thread rolling machine:

1. Excellent strength and durability:

Thread rolling machines produce threads of greater strength and durability than other thread forming methods. The rolling process displaces rather than removes material, resulting in improved fatigue resistance and a more reliable thread form.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

Thread rolling offers significant cost advantages over other methods such as thread cutting or grinding. The rolling process is faster, requires less energy, and produces minimal waste. Therefore, it can reduce production costs and improve overall efficiency.

3. Improved surface finish:

Thread rolling produces smoother, more precise threads for superior surface finish. This is especially important in applications where the threads must fit tightly or where aesthetics are important.

4. Extend tool life:

Unlike cutting or grinding methods, which subject the tool to severe wear, thread rolling places less stress on the tool. As a result, thread rolling tools last longer, reducing tool replacement costs and downtime.

5. Consistent thread quality:

Thread rolling machines provide highly consistent thread quality throughout the production process. The mechanical nature of the rolling process reduces the possibility of human error, resulting in uniform and high-quality threads every cycle.

How to order a suitable thread rolling machine?

In the aerospace industry, thread rolling machines are essential for producing high-precision threaded components that meet strict quality standards. These machines ensure the reliability and performance of threaded connections, which is critical to the safety and operation of aircraft. The aerospace industry's stringent requirements and emphasis on precision make thread rolling machines an important part of the manufacturing process, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of aerospace vehicles and systems. If you have any questions about choosing or using a thread rolling machine, please feel free to contact us.

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