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How to connect threaded rods together?
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How to connect threaded rods together?

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Select the most appropriate threaded rod connection method based on the specific material, intended application and load (strength level) requirements. Proper connection of the threaded rods is critical to ensuring the stability and strength of the entire assembly.

Here are some common threaded rod connection methods:

Connecting nut:

A coupling nut is a long nut with internal threads on both ends. They are used to connect two threaded rods end to end. Insert the threaded end of the rod into the coupling nut and tighten to create a secure connection.

Connecting nut


Studs have threads on both ends and an unthreaded section in the middle. They are designed to screw into two separate objects, effectively connecting the threaded rods.

Threaded rod connection double-ended stud

Threaded Rod Connector:

Specialized threaded rod connectors can be used to connect threaded rods together. These connectors can be in the form of threaded sleeves, cross-joints or splice nuts.


In some applications, threaded rods can be welded together to form a permanent connection. This approach is common in structural or industrial settings.

Threaded insert (threaded sleeve):

Threaded inserts are metal or plastic fasteners with internal threads. They can be used to join threaded rods by screwing the threaded rod into one rod and then inserting the other rod into the insert.

Threaded insert (threaded sleeve)

Mechanical joint:

In some applications, mechanical joints, such as clamp-on connectors or compression fittings, can be used to join threaded rods together.

Nuts and washers:

You can also use nuts and washers to connect threaded rods together. Place the nut on one end of the rod, then the washer, then insert the other rod into the washer and tighten the nut on the second rod to secure the connection.

Threaded rod connection 1


For less critical applications, threadlocking adhesive can be applied to the threaded portion of the rod before screwing it together. This adhesive helps prevent the rod from loosening over time.

Advantages of thread rolling machine:

1. Excellent strength and durability:

Thread rolling machines produce threads of greater strength and durability than other thread forming methods. The rolling process displaces rather than removes material, resulting in improved fatigue resistance and a more reliable thread form.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

Thread rolling offers significant cost advantages over other methods such as thread cutting or grinding. The rolling process is faster, requires less energy, and produces minimal waste. Therefore, it can reduce production costs and improve overall efficiency.

Thread rolling machine (2)

3. Improved surface finish:

Thread rolling produces smoother, more precise threads for superior surface finish. This is especially important in applications where the threads must fit tightly or where aesthetics are important.

4. Extend tool life:

Unlike cutting or grinding methods, which subject the tool to severe wear, thread rolling places less stress on the tool. As a result, thread rolling tools last longer, reducing tool replacement costs and downtime.

5. Consistent thread quality:

Thread rolling machines provide highly consistent thread quality throughout the production process. The mechanical nature of the rolling process reduces the possibility of human error, resulting in uniform and high-quality threads every cycle.

How to order a suitable thread rolling machine?

TIPS: When connecting screws together, make sure the threads of the screws match and mesh correctly (i.e. have the same diameter and pitch). Additionally, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and best practices to ensure a safe and reliable connection. When working on critical applications or load-bearing structures, consult a qualified engineer or professional to ensure proper selection and installation of threaded rod connections.

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